Green Initiatives & Certifications At Broken Sound Club

Broken Sound Club takes its mission regarding environmental sustainability seriously and has led the club industry in “green” initiatives.

Broken Sound was only the second golf facility in the U.S. and 14th in the world to be GEO Certified – the sustainability assurance of the international non-profit Golf Environment Organization. Broken Sound has also received Audubon Sanctuary Certification for both our courses, reclaimed water for our golf courses and common areas, and established the first industrial composting project in Florida.

Began with small changes:

  • Elimination of Styrofoam cups and replaced with Biodegradable Ecotainer Cups
  • Reduction of Plastic Water Bottles
  • Recycling Program for Cans and Plastic
  • Separate Dumpster for Cardboard
  • Use of More Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Continued with larger initiatives:

  • Installation of Solar Panels to Heat the Pool & Hot Water Heaters
  • Installation of Industrial Composter
  • Collaborated with City of Boca Raton to participate in Reclaimed Water Program
  • Moonstone Spa & Fitness Center LEED Certified
  • Installation of 22 Bee Hives - eco heroes
  • Tesla Charging Station
  • Introduction of 15 Bat Houses as a natural method of insect control